Greetings fellow green-fingered friends! I’m Sally and this is my space to share my thoughts about gardening. My husband and I moved from a town centre flat to our countryside home in 2016. We moved from a shared communal garden in a quarry to having our own front and back gardens. It was very exciting for me. I love to plant things and watch them grow. In my flat, I often had things growing in pots on my windowsill, so when we got a garden, I knew this would be a great project for me.

All That Grows

The previous owners of the house clearly had a lot of pride in their garden too and the basics were all there. Gorgeous trees, fruit bushes and different things that flowered throughout the year. We didn’t do very much to the garden for the first year. Not only we were busy painting, redecorating and upcycling old furniture, but someone also told me that you should leave a new garden for a year, before deciding what to do with it. That way, you can see a full cycle of what’s already growing there. Having moved in August, many of the plants had already flowered, but the roses at the front were doing well and I could see lots of delicious blackberries ripening out the back.

About Me

Since then, we’ve been weeding, learning, growing and enjoying the fruits of our labour. I’m becoming more and more knowledgeable about growing plants and gardening in general, mainly due to my thirst for knowledge and the fact that I’ve tried, succeed (and failed) with growing lots of different plants. So this is where I thought I thought I’d start my own gardening blog, so I can share my journey with you all. I’m hoping that my gardening blog will inspire you, no matter how much time and how much space you have, to just grow a few things. I think gardening is good for the body and the soul and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoy being out in the fresh air, tinkering around with the plants.

If you are reading this with a view to working together. I’m very PR-friendly and can be contacted via my email address –

I look forward to hearing from you and potentially working with you!

All That Grows

Now I do have a confession that I want to share. I do have some help in the garden. We have a gardener who comes twice a month, who helps with the more time-consuming jobs. He helps with cutting the grass, weeding and clearing. I’d love to be able to do it all myself, but I simply don’t have the time. My husband and I both work and we are also raising two young children. So to help us keep the garden shipshape, we need a bit of a hand.

So I hope you enjoy reading about our garden and you find the features useful. If you’d like to get in touch, I’d love to hear all about your garden and what tips you have. You can find me on the socials.